What FlexiHub’s customers say

USB share is good but troubles with stability

4.0 rating
June 7, 2019

The WEB share is unique and very good. Also the possibility for all of the users to share.
We have had trouble with stability over time (hours), and a need for a restart, even reinstall the application to make a USB work.


Share dongles to VM

5.0 rating
March 25, 2019

We use a product called RTX 64 by IntervalZero. When we compile our code we need to install a copy protection dongle (usb) to run the compiler. All of our production builds are done on virtual machines running on hardware we do not have access to. So we plug the dongles into a local machine and share them to the VM with FlexHub.


Provide access to USB devices in a cloud

4.0 rating
January 30, 2019

I am looking at your product to provide functional access to USB devices in a cloud solution provided by Google cloud and the Cameyo group. The initial testing of your product worked perfectly for my installed USB printers.


Share smart card reader

4.0 rating
November 29, 2018

I use FlexiHub to share a smart card reader, so I can authorize with my smart card/certificate to a web service, all for a demo of the software to a potential client, which of course doesn’t have authorization for that web service.


The fastest way to connect USB to Hyper-V

5.0 rating
October 30, 2018

FlexiHub has been the easiest and fastest connect we have experienced, after trying hardware and other software it was clear FlexiHub should have been our first choice! We are using a windows server with Hyper-V this allowed the Virtual machine to see the host usb ports and use the connected device. Thank you!