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Share 3D printer

5.0 rating
August 20, 2021

I’ve purchased USB over Network to hook up my 3D printer. It’s just in the back room so the distance is long and the wall is thick concrete so as not to use a 25-feet cable all the way through the attic and back, I bought UNG. Now I have both the printer and my 720p webcam connected to the Ubuntu 18.04 desktop via Wi-Fi without any kind of problem.

Stefano Cuoco

Share USB drive

5.0 rating
April 26, 2021

We have an environment where a USB drive containing confidential data can be attached to a Windows 10 PC and that information must simultaneously be available on a Mac OSX machine in another location. We were always using Virtual Here but recently we had to migrate to OSX Big Sur for other reasons and this no longer worked.
With support from Borys, we were able to quickly arrange a test license to see if everything worked. The installation was hassle free and everything worked fine.


Sharing MHS Scoring Software dongle over LAN

5.0 rating
April 15, 2021

My scenery:
One Hyper-V server with some virtual machines, 2 dongle of MHS software with licence keys in USB format.
I’ve installed the MHS software on a virtual machine inside of hyper-V and I put the dongle on another Physical PC. I used the USB Network Gate (full install for share USB) on the Physical PC with 2 Dongle and I shared two USBkeys by using USB Network Gate.
Later I’ve installed USB Network Gate (installation will only connect to devices) on the same virtual machine as MHS software.
For the last step I’ve connected to shared USB front virtual machine to physical machine over LAN and I’ts working really fine!
I wanna thanks Borys Khokhlenko for his support and his team for the rest.
Have a nice day!


Sharing office peripherals over the Internet on Windows 10

5.0 rating
December 17, 2019

Our modern offices have plenty of USB devices that need to be shared among multiple employees. There are various printers, scanners, laser plotters, etc. which do not natively support redirection to other workplaces in the office. In cases when an office occupies several floors or even buildings, this may become a real problem.
USB Network Gate comes to the rescue with its powerful USB port virtualization technology. The software works across any network and allows forwarding the USB device port to any networked machine.
With USB Network Gate, there’s no need to use additional hardware or cables. No complex connection configuration as well. The app has an absolutely intuitive interface and lets you share devices on Windows 10 so that you can connect to them from a Mac or Linux, or vice versa.


Remote access to licensed USB security dongles

5.0 rating
April 19, 2019

I work for KUKA Systems, the world’s leading provider of system solutions for the automotive industry. As a robot manufacturer, we offer the full range of products and services starting from the individual components to cells and turnkey systems.
Recently we’ve been working on a large virtual commissioning project for Daimler and required a special software named “WINMOD”. Given that we did not have enough hardware license keys for this software, we had to “borrow” some from our German parent company that had plenty of licenses for “WINMOD”. For that, we required a reliable software solution that would share these license dongles over the network.
Our German colleagues recommended that we use USB Network Gate to redirect USB keys across the Internet. We tested the software and the trial version worked flawlessly. USB Network Gate is very convenient to use and the HMI is very nice.
Thanks to your software we can access some very specific license dongles from our German parent company, and it saves a lot of money for us. If not your software, we would have to purchase lots of additional expensive license dongles.

Cheng Xu