USB Network Gate

What USB Network Gate’s сustomers say

Service support via LAN and VPN

5.0 rating
January 22, 2024

We support our service professionals and customers remotely.
USB Network Gate allows us to access remote systems and service them remotely by highly qualified specialists.

Deyan Gospodinov

USB Network Gate simplifies VM usage and bank integration

5.0 rating
June 20, 2023

I work in the consumer loan industry and our main goal is to make non-bank loans better. To connect with banks, we use special cards, which work well on regular computers but not so well on virtual machines (VMs). This was a problem because we couldn’t use VMs completely. But then we found USB Network Gate, and it solved our problem.
Thanks to USB Network Gate, we can now use VMs fully and connect with banks more easily. It works great, is simple to use, and has been the best solution for us.

Walter Shave

Used to share Dongle Keys on a virtual machine

5.0 rating
February 18, 2022

We had a software MHS K-CPT 2 for evaluate people with brain damage. and this soft use a Dongle USB key. The software was working in a physical computer but the computer is broken. Now we have installed the software MHS in a virtual machine and we have used USB NETWORK GATE to virtualized the dongle keys. Now all is working fine.
Thanks the USB Network Team!


My usb devices over LAN

5.0 rating
January 25, 2022

This is a great tool that enables us to share our USB equipment over a LAN. Remote users gain full functionality to the network-connected devices from any of our many locations.

Silver Greger

Share 3D printer

5.0 rating
August 20, 2021

I’ve purchased USB over Network to hook up my 3D printer. It’s just in the back room so the distance is long and the wall is thick concrete so as not to use a 25-feet cable all the way through the attic and back, I bought UNG. Now I have both the printer and my 720p webcam connected to the Ubuntu 18.04 desktop via Wi-Fi without any kind of problem.

Stefano Cuoco