What Donglify’s сustomers say

Safes our dongle key

5.0 rating
January 25, 2022

My company uses a dongle for code signing. Our software team is pretty big, so we have the dongle shared with Donglify so everyone can access it from their workstation to sign their freshly compiled code.

Arsen Bogdan

Teamwork is easy and possible now. Thanks, Donglify!

5.0 rating
April 29, 2020

I’m in the music industry for more than a decade, and half of that time, I’ve been using one of the best-selling digital audio workstations. What’s good enough for Hans Zimmer is definitely good for me too, you know. The only downside is that ridiculous “1 dongle=1 activation” policy. In the present-day world, music creation is a team effort nine times out of ten. So I’ve got myself an app called Donglify. It helps me to share my license key with everyone in my production team and that’s totally legal, completely safe, and quite easy.

Cohen Doherty

Using Donglify I Can Keep our dongle Safe

4.0 rating
March 3, 2020

We purchased Donglify for our graphic designers so they both can access the one and only license dongle we have for the glass-printer’s software. In fact, that used to be a backup one before its predecessor literally fell to pieces due to heavy use. I mean, they used to physically reattach the poor thing from their colleague’s PC into their own every time they had a printing job. And that’s far more than a dozen times every single business day. Now, with Donglify, they don’t have to do that at all since whoever needs the printer can connect to the license key over the network. The printer’s software sees no difference at all. A great solution for a long-standing issue.

Rafael West

So Glad We’ve Got Donglify: No More Snatched Dongles And Stolen Corporate Secrets

5.0 rating
February 25, 2020

Our retailing company keeps all its sensitive data, including the customer base info, on a protected hard drive with 2-step verification. To get through you’ll have to enter a valid password and have a hardware security key attached to your device’s USB port. But all those advanced security measures will go to waste once any of those keys get stolen or lost. Looks like a big problem, right? Well, not anymore. We’ve got that Donglify app so our employees can connect to a key plugged into the machine back in the main office. And what was really great about said app is that it works just fine for the dongles we use.

Jay Hess

With Donglify We Organized Shared Access to SafeNet eToken For All Employees

5.0 rating
February 14, 2020

Our company’s order processing center had been using a popular phone manager software for a few years until someone in charge came up with an idea to upgrade the license to premium. So now we’ve got a whole bunch of new awesome functions that can’t be accessed without a USB key and only two of those keys.
Spending a few thousand on extra dongles for everyone was way beyond our budget. So we’ve just connected one of the keys to sysadmin’s machine (for it’s always up and running anyways) and used Donglify to share it through the corporate LAN. And it’s a SafeNet eToken 5110 so we’re free to use the app’s multi-connect function, meaning that any employee can access the key at all times no matter how many people are already connected to it. Another plus point of the app is a totally self-explanatory user interface so we could introduce it with no additional staff training.

Murtaza Thompson