What FlexiHub’s customers say

Sharing a scanner across multiple computers

5.0 rating
March 27, 2023

I tried several software options similar to FlexiHub, but none of them successfully worked with my HP Scanner. During my Google search for sharing a scanner across multiple computers, I stumbled upon information about FlexiHub software. Initially, I was considering a hardware solution, but the idea of a software-based solution appeared more user-friendly.


FlexiHub for remote car diagnostics

5.0 rating
January 14, 2023

We’re in the process of implementing a remote car repair plan, addressing software breakdowns and failures. During our testing phase, we relied on FlexiHub for remote car diagnostics. We successfully connected multiple car diagnostic devices via USB, and the process proceeded without any issues.

Jose Morais

I can use my 3D mouse over Remote Desktop

5.0 rating
October 3, 2022

I use Flexihub for work. Thanks to its help, I can use my 3D mouse even when working from home over Remote Desktop (RDP).
This is especially useful for working with 3D models and graphics. Now I can continue working on realistic models even from the comfort of my home. The Flexihub provided a stable connection to the 3D mouse via RDP very quickly and without interference.

Hao Xuan

Hyper-V and FlexiHub

4.0 rating
September 5, 2022

For our small team, FlexiHub has proven to be the easiest and fastest solution for remote USB connections. After experimenting with hardware and other software options, it became clear that FlexiHub should have been our initial choice. Using a Windows server with Hyper-V, we effortlessly connected the virtual machine to the host’s USB ports, allowing us to effortlessly utilize the connected devices, including complex USB devices like MFPs and USB Dongles.

Carlos Alberto

Gaming in a cloud environment with your own gamepad is feasible

5.0 rating
May 20, 2022

FlexiHub is indeed an impressive tool! It helped me solve a problem I was facing when I wanted to use a gamepad in cloud computing to play games. Before using FlexiHub, I couldn’t find an efficient way to transmit gamepad signals over the network.
FlexiHub provided a stable and fast connection between the gamepad and the cloud computer, making my gaming sessions smooth and comfortable. I recommend everyone looking for a way to play games on a cloud computer with a gamepad try FlexiHub.