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this app works great

5.0 rating
June 6, 2022

this app works great with our samsung tv,, no hdmi dongle needed anymore. We stream hd movies to our pc, use it to stream tv+.


Has a bit of a lag

4.0 rating
May 23, 2022

Just gets the job done and fills a void in MAC OS. Works well over DLNA displays that have no airplay..Has a bit of a lag so can only be used for presentations etc..


Enjoy your favorite shows on a larger screen using JustStream

5.0 rating
April 22, 2022

If you have a Mac but want to enjoy your favorite shows on a larger screen, JustStream PRO Mac Mirror Display App will be worth your time and money. With it, you can mirror the screen of your Mac on virtually any device. It is compatible with Samsung, LG, Sony, and other brands. If you want to watch your favorite shows in full screen, this application will do the same thing for you. It is also capable of streaming in 1080p HD.

Jeanette Hale

Works great

5.0 rating
April 17, 2022

It is workable as same as description and spec. Very happy to buy this. Highly recommend to you to use this!!!!



5.0 rating
April 3, 2022

I’ve tried JustStream and it is love at first sight! Recommended!