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What Just Stream’s сustomers say

WOW! Great Support!

4.0 rating
February 4, 2021

I downloaded the app a while back but I couldn’t find the living room TV to stream on it.



5.0 rating
December 22, 2020

Whenever I have friends over to watch movies JustStream is a huge help. With it, all I need to worry about is not burning the popcorn. Everything else is taken care of by this wonderful app!


Very good app!

5.0 rating
November 7, 2020

I use it to thoroughly enjoy my Dota games and stream to the big TV in my room. Absolutely no problem and real-time functionality all the time!



5.0 rating
October 24, 2020

Just added it to my computer, it detected the TV and I started watching my TV Show in a matter of seconds.

Francis Webster

Great choice!

5.0 rating
August 6, 2020

Wow! It even recognized the subtitle file and loaded it automatically. Best streaming app ever!