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What Just Stream’s сustomers say

It works fine for streaming to the TV.

4.0 rating
October 17, 2022

It works fine for streaming to the TV. But there is a delay which makes it not work for streaming any live connection like a Zoom call.


Works as advertised.

5.0 rating
September 13, 2022

I was able to stream some movies to my Roku TV and mirror my display. Great value for the price.


In any case, a good buy.

4.0 rating
August 17, 2022

It works as commented, but with a long lag from my Mac to the Chromecast (about 5 seconds). Good for sending a movie, for example, but not for working with a second screen. You also have to be on the same wifi (2.4 Ghz, for example).


It works perfectly

5.0 rating
August 8, 2022

Great it works perfectly, just what I was looking for… will definitely recommend it for my teammates. thank you


Stream probably to any device

5.0 rating
July 11, 2022

When I need to throw some videos from Mac to my TV it’s a good way to do that even with higher quality videos.