What MacDroid сustomers say

Great app.

4.0 rating
October 19, 2022

Too bad you can’t use it for wireless connections as well to transfer video from Android to Mac. But since you use the cable to charge the phone anyway, it’s not such a big disadvantage. Didn’t really understand the difference between MTP and ADB though …


MacDroid all you need to transfer files

5.0 rating
September 26, 2022

MacDroid and no extra moves are needed if you need to transfer music from Mac to Android.

Lily Le

Transfer photos from Android to Mac is easy with MacDroid

5.0 rating
September 12, 2022

The best thing about MacDroid is sharing my photos with my family through my Mac’s Photo app. Before I had the software it was difficult to get pictures to the group of people I wanted to see them. Now it’s a breeze!

Ela Sims

MacDroid is an excellent file transfer software

5.0 rating
September 9, 2022

MacDroid is an excellent file transfer software that makes Mac to Android and Android to mac data transferring a breeze! With the free version, you can only transfer files from Android to Mac; however, with the pro version, you can transfer files between Android and Mac in both directions.


Macdroid is the easiest way I've found!

5.0 rating
August 27, 2022

I’ve tried SyncMate and Coolmuster Android Assistant, they certainly offer a lot more functions, but when you just need to put a few documents on your phone, Macdroid is the easiest way I’ve found! The only addition I’d like to see would be to define a default folder to open on each device (i.e. when you always put your documents in the Documents folder, for example).