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I Really Like Using Virtual Serial Port Driver To Connect Fiscal Device Emulators

5.0 rating
November 27, 2006

I was writing software for a “Fiscal Device”(printer), and it is very important that we are able to test the software over and over to ensure there are no errors and that the fiscal device is working properly. I wanted to find a way to form a connection between software and an emulator.
I searched around until I found Virtual Serial Port Driver, after seeing that this software was widely liked by other professionals in my network, and so I downloaded the Lite version.
I genuinely think this is the best tool I’ve used for my purposes (and more) and I now recommend it to all of my colleagues and tech buddies. The amount of flexibility in the Lite version of this software just can’t be matched by any of the other products I’ve tried.
It did exactly what I needed. It did it quickly, and I enjoyed not having to waste time troubleshooting unforeseen issues. I even created a booklet to help other programmers implement Virtual Serial Port Driver into their workflow.
I hope this review helped anyone that was on the fence. I just wanted to share my thoughts, as connecting applications and emulators with VSPD is really easy.

Aleksander Stefanovic, AS Computer Software

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Helped Us Expand Our Market

5.0 rating
September 27, 2006

We needed the capability to connect a USB device with a PC that normally had a standard RS232 COM port. While there were a ton of other 3rd-party programs that had already been developed for COM ports specifically, to support the 3rd-party software, we would need a virtual COM port.
We wanted something flexible and easy-to-use, and so my company did a lot of research into VCPs, but we only found a few serious solutions to our problem.
We ended up trying a few programs prior to Electronic Team’s Virtual Serial Port ActiveX, and they lacked the features that we needed most, and so they weren’t viable options for us.
We like Electronic Team because their product was extremely professional in presentation, their sales and customer support team was quick to respond to any correspondences, and their product was pretty easy to use.
They’re also very good about updating the software regularly. It’s clear they care about their product, and it makes it very pleasant to use.
Electronic Team ultimately solved our need for a virtual serial port for our USB to PC connection, and they worked diligently with us to make sure we were 100% happy with our licensing options, helping us best optimize Virtual Serial Port ActiveX for our needs.
I strongly recommend this product!

Martin Voss, WB Electronics