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Virtual Serial Port Driver Is High-Quality and Reliable

5.0 rating
February 21, 2013

My company, an electronic money institution, needed a solution to our need for creating and pairing virtual serial ports between S-money applications and legacy POS for our customers.
We needed to make sure that newly created virtual ports behaved PRECISELY like real serial ports, and we needed a software that could be easily and fully integrated into our own java-based applications.
We tried a few other products before coming across Electronic Team’s Virtual Port Serial Driver, but none of them could integrate properly into our applications- whereas Virtual Serial Port Driver seemed like exactly what we needed.
Now we’re able to easily and efficiently create two virtual COM ports from our own application and pair them appropriately so that serial communication between legacy POS and our applications are enabled.
Implementing and integrating Virtual Serial Port Driver has helped us run installations and launch processes more easily and quickly. We also find the software very reliable and high-quality. The price was reasonable, and we’re very fond of the customer support team, who is always ready and quick to respond to any of our inquiries.
It has really been a life-saver in our business.

Armand Santos with S-Money.

I Love Using Virtual Serial Port Driver In My Software Dev.

5.0 rating
November 21, 2012

I’ve been developing consumer software for over three decades, and I was working on a project related to my amateur radio program (geared toward offering a plethora of features for HAM radio operators).
I wanted my software to stand out from the competition, so my goal was to find a method that would allow my program to seamlessly connect with others through the use of null modem serial ports.
Since I had worked with Electronic Team products for many years, it was my natural first instinct to see if they had what I needed. I initially opted to try a couple of cheaper options, but they couldn’t meet my needs, so I chose Virtual Serial Port Driver ActiveX because it had all of the features I was looking for.
It was very easy to install and integrated beautifully into my program so that the end-user experience is simple and efficient.
I’ve never had a problem with Electronic Team’s previous softwares. They’re reliable and greatly contribute to my productivity. Virtual Serial Port ActiveX is no different.
I’ve always recommended Electronic Team software to my colleagues, and I’ll be adding Virtual Serial Port ActiveX to that list.

Howard Nurse, COMMSOFT

Electronic Team Helps Us Live In Our Yellow Submarine.

5.0 rating
July 28, 2011

We wanted the ability to create virtual serial ports and connect them. Being underwater most of the time, this wasn’t the easiest task to accomplish. We knew we needed to find a software that was easy-to-implement… but more importantly, VERY reliable.
We needed to be able to run NMEA GPS applications and data from our compass over a serial port; and it needed to work seamlessly with the Labview software that we had developed ourselves.
The applications and data we needed to use required the use of the same serial port, so we knew we needed to find a virtual serial port driver to help us accomplish our goals.
Electronic Team’s Virtual Serial Port Driver ended up being exactly what we were looking for! We really like how Electronic Team has a “port duplication” feature, as it helps us maintain software and transfer nav information into our sonar software. This allows us to pilot correctly when racing.
Virtual Serial Port Driver has made it possible for us to focus on the mechanical aspect of operating our submarine for maximum performance since we don’t have to worry about COM port workarounds- or tons of hours troubleshooting a shoddy software.
Thanks to VSPD, we scored an award and had a great time racing.
I definitely recommend it!

Bath University Racing Submarine Team

Simple and intuitive application

5.0 rating
July 25, 2010

I’ve tested a lot of VSPs over the years, but Electronic Team’s Virtual Serial Port Driver is just so much easier to use and it never acts up on me. As a java coder, I highly recommend it.

Mickaël C.

VSPD Helps Us Monitor Multiple Serial Ports Easily!

4.0 rating
January 5, 2010

My company provides an open-source “glue” system that allows home systems to communicate info and function intelligently together. This can range from lighting, security systems, etc.
Our developers often create new applications that we end up wanting to evolve and upgrade support for similar devices. We needed to be able to monitor multiple serial ports so our software could simulate the devices we wanted to control.
I ended up searching for a solution to this problem for quite a while, and eventually, I came across Virtual Serial Port Driver by Electronic Team when I needed a couple of serial ports for my own PC (which didn’t have ANY serial port at all).
Electronic Team’s software has allowed me to develop software on a LAPTOP, regardless of serial ports- as well as develop software from only a single PC that once required two serial ports.
It’s great to easily and quickly be able to monitor and record app error conditions from faulty cables. VSPD is very easy to use and set-up. It’s reasonably priced, and it’s very reliable. I enjoy incorporating it into many of my projects. I recommend it to other businesses in the Home Automation industry!

Ian Lowe, The xPL Project