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Developing a web-based BioAPI CTS in the Knowledge Management System Lab of Inha University.

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September 19, 2012

Yoo-Sung Kim, a professor in the Knowledge Management System Lab of Inha University:
To develop a web-based BioAPI conformance test system (CTS) which checks whether biometric devices follow the required international standards or not, we need a way for connecting remote biometric devices of client computers from the server. To develop the system in a very short time we need your product which makes connections from the CTS server to remote devices.
We are developing a web-based BioAPI CTS which is able to check whether the remote biometric devices connected to the test server by your product follow the related international standards such as ISO/IEC 24709 etc. or not.
By using your product, we can reduce the development time and we can focus only on developing BioAPI CTS Kernel. Since we have only one and a half months to prepare the demonstration, efficient usage is very important. So, your fast responses to our questions and requests are very impressive and helpful to us.

Yoo-Sung Kim