What Donglify’s сustomers say

Donglify is Great For Organizing Temporary Access to Protected Files

4.0 rating
January 13, 2020

My software development team relies on Donglify every time we need to involve additional freelancers to speed up the debugging process. We use the app to share one specific hardware key, so all the temporary team members can use it to access protected software files. After work is done, we just wipe that dongle and boom! — no pre-release leaks ever. Worked with every dongle brand we’ve used so far. Sure thing, Donglify isn’t free. But it’s considerably cheaper than all those dongles we used to mail to our temps before. 10/10 would recommend.


Getting Donglify Was a Win-Win!

5.0 rating
January 5, 2020

I take pride in my work at I.T. support of a huge steelworks plant. With several thousand machines in my charge running on every platform possible and using loads of professional software, I was bound to deal with a minor, yet annoying problem. Dozens of license dongles that I had to carry around. Some of those are so tiny I’ve started to develop a phobic kind of thing about losing one of them from some magically appeared hole in my pocket. Replacement would’ve cost a tremendous amount of money.
That’s why I’ve been looking for a way to redirect all those dongles over the network so I could access them from any remote machine. After several days of thorough google searching and intense forum-reading, I’ve settled on Donglify. Unlike some other dongle sharing software, it works with pretty much, every dongle brand. Well, in all fairness, some of its advanced functionality, e.g. the multi-connect function, will only work for the top brands like Sentinel or HASP HL. Lucky for me, I hardly use those advanced functions in my day-to-day routine. What is essential, however, is that license keys don’t have to leave their safe harbor in my office and so the risk to lose or damage them is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Jeff Redmond

With Donglify We Excluded Expenditures On Dongles Replacement

4.0 rating
December 26, 2019

If there is anything I’ve learned from my field sales experience, it’s that high mobility is a key. Now, as a regional distributor, I’m administering several hundred employees who spend the majority of the time on the move. And each and every one of them has to access the non-public part of our corporate web page multiple times a day — actually, it’s part of their job. To do so, one needs a hardware key that has to be plugged directly into their computer. And here comes a problem: USB ports tend to wear out by constant use and fail to keep dongles in place. Also, let’s not overlook an issue known as “the human factor”. I cannot even count how many times someone called me to report the lost dongle. Well, actually, I can — they’re all in the debit column.
After a thorough study, I finally figured out a solution. We’re using Donglify to share one of our hardware keys from our office desktop PC, so staff members can connect to it remotely from their laptops. And since all that hardware keys are HASP HL, the app’s multi-connect function works perfectly fine for them. On top of that, Donglify has a 2048-bit SSL encryption algorithm, so there’s no way someone can obtain unauthorized access to our business secrets.

Xanthe Crawford

Donglify Helped Us To Share Sentinel HL With Our Second Office Across The City

5.0 rating
December 18, 2019

Being a small (yet fast-growing) architect firm, at the moment, we can’t afford a second license for that fancy CAD software we use. It’s one of those pricey software products that wouldn’t start without a dongle key, and we’ve only got one of those with our license (Sentinel HL with no backup copies, sadly). So, since we’ve opened a new office halfway across the city, someone had to go on that “dongle-delivery mission” every single morning. Mind you, that two-hour drive through the morning rush-hour downtown traffic is nothing like a walk through a rose-garden.
There had to be a way to avoid that dongle-trouble, so I googled a lot (with very little success). At some point, I even considered reaching out to one of those dongle-copying websites but quickly decided against that dumb idea. Those sites looked kind of shady, you know. The last thing we need is losing our software license, or having it pirated and then released to every torrent tracker on the net.
Finally, I bumped into a way to get us out of this dongle-related nuisance. Using Donglify we were able to share our dongle key over the Internet so people from the other office can just access it remotely. No more morning downtime for them — better business for us all.

Aryan Stubbs