Virtual Serial Port Driver

What Virtual Serial Port Driver’s сustomers say

Serial communication problems no more

5.0 rating
December 10, 2020

We’ve faced certain serial communication challenges with our application.
To try to solve them, we have prototyped with several products before deciding to go with Virtual Serial Port Driver.
It turned out to be a very stable and simple-to-use product. VSPD helped us simplify the solution requiring serial communication and thus significantly improved business processes.
Besides, their support team was fantastic.

Shyam Katta, Amadeus IT Group SA

I Create Virtual COM port pairs EASILY thanks to Virtual Serial Port Driver

5.0 rating
July 7, 2018

When it comes to developing and testing embedded or IoT devices, I’ve found that Virtual Serial Port Driver (Version 9.0) is my favorite software to use. It’s stable, reliable, and EXTREMELY easy to use and integrate into every software I develop. It has saved me incalculable hours that I would have otherwise been forced to spend testing and trouble-shooting on a “real” device.
Two applications I have really enjoyed using VSPD 9.0 have been Chat via C# using Microsoft System.IO.Ports, as well as using C# to emulate embedded devices that transfer sensor data.
It’s great to be able to develop complex applications from one serial COM port- or even from a laptop.
It’s interface is very easy to understand, and it isn’t overly intrusive and obnoxious. While it is packed with a lot of really helpful features and flexibility, it’s very easy to learn and implement.
I really REALLY like and recommend this software by Electronic Team for freelance developers and large-scale companies looking for an easy solution for serial port communications. I haven’t found an easier software than Virtual Serial Port Driver 9.0.

Maytham Fahmi, Software Developer

Virtual Serial Port Driver Saved Me Tons Money

5.0 rating
July 4, 2018

I work for a Wildlife Trust in the United Kingdom and we handle hundreds of precious, irreplaceable wildlife books. I was asked to develop a computer system that enabled the organization to run a system that would prevent anyone from removing the books without authorization.
I needed a stool that would let us develop software from only one single computer so that we could cut down on development time by letting us work on the project in the office and on-the-go.
After online research and reading other reviews, Virtual Serial Port Driver ended up being exactly what we needed.
Unfortunately, it ended up being a bit out of budget, and so we thought we would be forced to look for alternative software, even though we were very happy with the results of VSP Driver XP. To our massive delight and appreciation, Electronic Team stepped in and offered a discount so that the software fits into the budget and we could complete our project!
To this day we continue to use Virtual Serial Port Driver by Electronic Team when we develop applications, and it has helped us be successful in many following projects.
This software really saves us a ton of time and money. Very glad we found Electronic Team.

Simon Rutley-Frayne, Devon Wildlife Trust

Virtual Serial Port Driver For Integration Into Your Own Software. 5 Stars!

5.0 rating
July 4, 2018

As a company focusing on “digital transformation solutions” for data capturing and storage, using Electronic Team’s Virtual Serial Port Driver is fantastic in helping my company do just that.
I came across Virtual Serial Port Driver after researching virtual serial port solutions. We did some initial tests on the trial and found it was perfect for our needs.
Virtual SPD allows us to implement several unique scenarios (like the integration between various COM printers, for example) so that we can also provide customers with bonus features geared toward virtual serial ports.
I found it was especially useful in the banking sector since it was perfect for capturing output from legacy CORE apps. The software has left nothing to be desired and has API integration and OEM licensing, which is super important for our digital transformation solutions.
I would also say it is very fairly priced for the extensive features that come with the software, and dealing with Electronic Team’s Sales and Customer Solutions Departments has been delightful. Every question I or one of my colleagues has had was answered quickly and thoroughly.
I feel very good recommending this product to other companies like mine.

Berislav Tomasic, IT Sistemi- Nove Technologije

Virtual Serial Port Driver Makes My Volunteer Work Much Easier

5.0 rating
July 4, 2018

As a Volunteer Radio Operator, my tasks can be very important to my community. I’m often responsible for interfacing multiple applications (using Windows 10) to be used in volunteer radio situations such as public service emergency announcements (like a hurricane preparedness or recovery notice, as an example).
Obviously, I need tools that make my work quick, efficient and reliable; and that included finding a serial port emulator that would function well and not require a ton of downtime.
After testing out quite a few different software options, and getting a recommendation from a colleague, I looked up the “Virtual Serial Port Driver” by Electronic Team, and found that it was the best solution for my needs.
The main reason I recommend this software and wanted to leave a review, was because I wanted to let other techies know that, out of all of the numerous software I tested out, Virtual Serial Port is very easy to use, never lets me down when I need it, and I never have to worry about it causing me more problems while I work.
I was quickly able to connect all of the relevant software applications to complete my task, and I wasn’t wasting a bunch of time troubleshooting this or that.
I also really appreciate how helpful the Customer Support System is.

Jacke Lanson HAM Radio Operator