Serial Port Monitor

What Serial Port Monitor customers say

A Must-Have Tool for Industrial Equipment Troubleshooting

5.0 rating
October 22, 2022

I’m an industrial equipment/repair professional who frequently deals with old PLCs, and I’ve found Serial Port Monitor to be an invaluable tool for troubleshooting serial communications. When it comes to diagnosing and resolving issues in these systems, having a reliable and feature-rich tool like Serial Port Monitor is essential.

Joseph Balint

SPM: handy solution for debugging and Modbus monitoring!

5.0 rating
June 15, 2022

Here is a review of what I did during the trial period reverse engineering and debugging modbus diesel generator controller and relay boards for my amateur radio station.
Using Electronic Team’s Serial Port Monitor has been extremely useful in debugging and reverse engineering cheaper modbus equipment for control and automation using node-red. The cheaper hardware usually comes without any documentation at all, but in some cases with demo programs. Running Serial Port Monitor, hooks into the actual serial port without any problems or need for virtual ports. And multiple views for presenting the data. Another very useful feature is to save the session. So when equipment is connected to network gateways, I can always go back to my recordings to verify what actually happened. Also works nice with Moxa serial port servers, and the open port and monitor function lets me remotely debug in the real gateway driven bus, comparing data with working saved session. I have not found any tool as easy and versatile as this for rs-232, and rs-485 modbus monitoring.

Tormod Brunsby, Amateur Radio Enthusiast

A Great Tool

5.0 rating
April 4, 2022

I’m a gardener and hobbyist in electronic engineering. My recent project is to develop a working control for my irrication system based on LoraWan devices and Modbus sensors. Before purchasing the Serial Port Monitor I worked with some Modbus simulators and scanners for troubleshooting and debugging. Now with Serial Port Monitor it is much more easier and effectively.
A great tool.

Antti Pelkonen

My best friend Serial Monitor

5.0 rating
January 25, 2022

We make extensive use of this software utility to monitor and log serial port traffic when testing third-party programs. It’s a great tool for troubleshooting serial protocols or reverse-engineering undocumented functions in software products.

Johnny Ratten

Monitoring Ant and COM port

5.0 rating
August 20, 2021

I was looking for a lightweight app for incoming and outcoming data monitoring between Ant and COM port with a hardware device attached to it that communicates with the software.
Serial Port Monitor worked just fine for that purpose.

Kerim Licka