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What Serial Port Monitor customers say

Serial Port Monitor Helped Me Build A Custom Dashboard on Windows

5.0 rating
June 10, 2019

I wanted to build a custom dashboard for a 3rd-party Li-Ion Battery Management System. The system was based on Texas Instruments BQ76940 and Atmel 8-bit line of microcontrollers.
While I received a brief explanation of the communication protocol, it wasn’t near enough information for the task at hand. This meant being able to analyze the transmitted protocol while using the Windows-based dashboard provided by the manufacturer was a non-negotiable- and urgent- necessity.
After researching several different softwares that just didn’t seem to be what I was looking for, I found Serial Port Monitor. Upon reading into the software, I found that this unique SPM was able to “sniff” out any open serial ports on the Windows platform. This meant that Serial Port Monitor was exactly the tool that I needed to complete the project successfully and easily.
Thanks to this SPM, I have no problem seeing the protocol flow in real time, and can now fully understand the documentation being recorded. If not for SPM, I would have wasted countless hours trying to deal with trial and error during the programming. I’m very pleased that this all-in-one software will be a tool in my programmer’s belt that I can call upon many times in the future.

Eduardo Roldan, Linux Enthusiast

SPM is really helpful in developing

5.0 rating
May 21, 2019

Serial Port Monitor ActiveX has been a great addition to my debugging routine when developing apps. I’m very impressed with the features, and I think it’s very easy to use.

Art Paul

Serial Port Monitor Made Me A Better Developer

5.0 rating
February 18, 2019

I often work with serial ports, and require the help of a reliable serial port monitor to help me properly test and optimize the projects I work on.
I found the Serial Port Monitor, and I think this professional-grade software has helped me do all of the above (and more) without needless frustration.
Thanks to Serial Port Monitor, I’ve been able to expedite multiple types of development, including: device drivers and application development.
SPM also performs as spectacularly as a coding, testing and optimization platform.
This SPM is a professional-grade analyzer and sniffer that works great for monitoring and controlling ports. I’ve also been able to perform advanced searches and filtering; as well as data and built-in terminal exports.
It’s UI also pleasantly unobtrusive. Allowing users to connect with COM ports and analyse their activity. I’ve even been able to monitor MULTIPLE serial port activities at once, thanks to the ‘sniffer’ function.
The best part about SPM, is that it’s a completely finished software, meaning that I didn’t need to find additional tools for my needs.
I can’t recommend the Serial Port Monitor strongly enough to fellow developers. It has made me much more efficient- allowing me to spend less time hassling with SPM’s with fewer features.

T.K Hareendran, Software Developer

I Was Looking For A Better SPM. Serial Port Monitor Was The Best!

5.0 rating
June 14, 2017

At the moment, I have been using the Serial Port Monitor to analyze diagnostic data from one of the projects I’m working on. One of my favorite features is the capability of easily saving messages to use later on as their own .spm file format.
I think this easy to install and UI-friendly software is absolutely great for anyone developing applications that require huge amounts of information to be flowing into a serial port. I’m currently using the 7.0 version, and it’s been working great so far.
I’m able to easily hover over the “Terminal View” in the “View” drop-down menu, letting me see the details of everything that is being communicated through the serial port. I think it’s really cool how Serial Port Monitor doesn’t have to block the serial port while it’s being used. This is helpful, as it allows for other softwares the capability to “block” the port, and you can still analyze the data no problem.
I’m very impressed with the quality that has provided in this product, and I strongly recommend it for any embedded system engineers looking to make their work-flow easier and more efficient.

Daniel Andrade, Full-Stack Dev

Awesome utility!

5.0 rating
April 13, 2017

I tried a lot of different serial port monitoring software, but Serial Port Monitor is the only one that is consistently reliable, and has a UI that doesn’t drive me crazy. I really like SPM.